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    MSA Screwed up my order on that Group buy in for camshafts. Instead of a Schneider Stg1 Turbo cam (262/256 .420"/.420" CLSA 114), they sent me a Pretty Stout N/A Cam in its Place. I Recieved the 280/280 .450"/.450" CLSA 110. I believe thats the most agressive Grind they make for N/A Apps. Nontheless! Off to the side, I'm Building a VG33 Turbo motor up and not really cutting any corners in the process. Is this Cam still worth Hangin onto? Or should I Send it back and raise nine kinds of hell?

    Further more, I do have a 87' n/a car that could use a good cam swap, now in doing so, If I were to swap computers and use a Turbo ECU and turbo Fuel injectors in to match, giving the motor more fuel. Would it make this cam still worth using? Still too Agressive? Would that even work? Should I go aftermarket Computer? Any thoughts, Ideas, Suggestions? should I just send it back?

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    well honestly that's up to you and what you plan on building. if it were me i'd just send the cam back and get the specific cam designed for a turbo application, and the exact grind you wanted for your application. but others will tell you to keep the cam and put it in your NA. the choice is up to you, but know a cam of that grind in an NA might require some upgrading to the valve springs, etc. for you to get the warranty out of the item (i think don't quote me on this). but i'd honestly send'em back and snag the stage one turbo cams, take it from me...i've seen people who've spent A LOT of money into their NA Z's and didn't get faster than a 15.3 1/4-mile, so it's up to you.
    1984 2+2 Conv. to Turbo
    Stock Motor w/T3 @ 9.5 psi of boost, raised fuel pressure 7 psi over stock, a tiny bit of timing advancement on the distributor and shorty intake and exhaust.


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      That cam is not going to give you a very nice idle like the 263-56H grind will, but it should make more power somewhere beyond the stock redline.

      I'm sure MSA will exchange them for you. I'm not sure if there is enough adjustment in our lifters to allow them to re-regrind them.