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  • Block weight

    I need to know how much a block weighs, and my scale is broke, and all my motors are either assembled or if bare, at the machine shop.
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    um, alot. don`t drop it on your toe, it hurts... :lol:

    sorry, just didn`t want you to feel like noone was reading your post...

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      Ive never actually weighed it but just by picking it up and putting it in my trunk I would guess 80-100lbs.

      Sorry, never had a need to get an exact weight.
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        I should have weighed my old block just to know. I would guess at least 75lbs but I suppose it could be more. Hopefully someone actually has one that can be weighed easily.
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          I've picked up a DE block (seems like it should be the same),
          and it felt like it should have weighed well over 100lbs.
          I can curl 75 with one arm, and it felt like I would have had a hard time
          with both.
          Or maybe it was just the awkwardness :?
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            like I said, the diff without fluid is 80lbs.... the engine block is almost triple the size.... I wouldnt be surprised if it was 300 with heads and intake


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              I have a block with crank on an engine stand at home... I don't really want to pull the crank out of it to weigh it, but I have another crank I could weigh and subtract it.

              Now I just need to find a scale.


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                Well my complete W Series with heads weighed something like 272 lbs. The heads probably weigh ~40 lbs or so. Just mentally breaking it down I would think the block would have to weigh near 100 lbs. atleast.
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                  when i weighed a block because some idiot wanted to buy it and me ship it half way across the country it was 120 lb
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                    i thought the blocked weighed more than that because when me and my brother tried to carry my old one . we couldnt , we need extra help maybe we were just tired that day lol