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    If I put on an L&P plenum on an NA car, how much boost would it take on a stock turbo with a stock plenum to have the same flow?

    I guess what I am asking is with the better flow rate of the L&P plenum, how much boost is that worth?
    ...and how much HP do you have at 0 boost

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    The issue with the stock plenum is that somewhere around 5500-6000 rev's the engine is starved for air. Turbo or not, if you look at enough dyno results you will see a sharp tail off prematurely. The gutted plenum somewhat fixes that problem. This problem was found and addressed early on by the Nissan motorsport boys that race offroad VG30's and 33's. Their solution was the pathfinder plenum. I don't know that you will see a lot of difference until you reach these rpm levels. Higher boost levels will increase performance but not necessarily this breathing problem. On built NA VG33's the HP was improved about 25HP between 5000-6000 rev's. Bringing their total HP to around 275-290. Very little improvement was gained down low. Maybe you can interpolate from this.


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      Good feedback JK.

      Russ- I wouldn't think the L&P will give us much help on the low or mid rage on our NAs by its self. However I would think that the general improvement in air flow will lend its self to indirectly helping low and mid range improvements from other mods. Will we probably never be able to equate that indirect benefit though.
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        Good post JK. If I had an ole VG30ET I'd try the Pathfinder Plenum mod and go from their. The entire breathing system of the mighty VG engines(especially the older ones) is way to small for my tastes. The Throttle body is to small& the MAF is definitely to small for serious boosted HP IME.

        L&P Performance is good people to say the least. Their's actually a freaking plethora of custom plenums out their. I like the fact that L&P has the flow comparisons posted on their website. They did the head work on 1 set of my heads for the VG33E and I having nothing but great things to say about their service, integrity.and quality of work in general. BTW I have no affiliation with the later people. I fould them searching for VG info 1 day by accident(just like this site).

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