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installed some of the shiny stuff... avcr etc.

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  • installed some of the shiny stuff... avcr etc.

    I still have the T covers and a few other misc pieces that I am going to install with the same finish. After that I plan to try to clean up the harness and misc parts of the engine bay, re-polish intercooler piping etc. Also all of the main hoses are in -AN I just have not made up the hose and am running rubber on alot of things at the moment, but you get the idea.

    I got a used hx35 in today, but it has some decent side play that makes me a little weary of installing it. I might just get a brand new CHRA and use the old housings. Also using the avcr as of now, I used the wiring that has been flying around the forums, and everything was good except that our tps is not progressive like the avcr expects, but this can all be fixed with an auto tps and a stolen 5 volt reference from the ecu. I will do a write up eventually.

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    what is that on the IC pipe just to the left of the bov in the top pic? is that like a nitrous nozzle or an air temp sensor or somthing?
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      Its a 6AN cap, Just in case I decide I need a tap pre Tb "Idle bypass etc."

      The Nitrous is not currently installed just the solenoids, If I do run it it will be minimal


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        Very nice. I assume you made the plenum yourself? I like the idea of the center side feed.

        Just curious but did you go with the center feed for practical routing reasons or flow characteristics? Either way I like it.
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          Just curious but did you go with the center feed for practical routing reasons or flow characteristics? Either way I like it.

          I was looking for a more symmetrical setup for distribution, and I put the Tb on the Pass side for easy intercooler piping.

          Volume wise I took the drag philosophy which is to have up to a 100% of the engine volume, sometimes even 120%. With that said I have not noticed any real differences in lag, or throttle response compared to the gutted stockers. But on the top end the ass dyno says major improvement.

          I also decided to go ahead and shape the stacks pretty wild, which could hurt 23 and 45, but even with that the plugs all look pretty good so far.


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            mgp87zxt wrote: which could hurt 23 and 45.

            *edit* maybe you are referring to the 1st,2nd and 4th,5th ports
            that are squished beside each other.
            Yea, that makes sense.
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              Sorry for the confusion, I was refering to ports in the plenum from front to back, but the actual cyl numbers they go to would be would be

              1-4 and 3-6

              cyl 2's port is in the very front and cyl 5's in the best position in the back.



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                I love that engine!


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                  Wow, looking very nice!


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                    BLING BLING!
                    What is that finish exactly? It looks really good!
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