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Crankshaft sprocket help!!!!!

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  • Crankshaft sprocket help!!!!!

    Hello, I'm a first time poster here. I've got an 84 AE w/56K original miles (its been in dry storage for about 15 years), and I'm doing a timing belt change out & every thing is going pretty smooth until this sprocket. How in the world does this thing come off?

    Everything around it is aluminum, so you can't pry on it. All my gear pullers need about a 1/4" to get behind it - I need a little advice.


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    usually i use to prybars, get behind it and get it going with gental nudging. gental is the key work here. i have had to drill and split one before which was pretty easy actually. get some pb blaster on it and let it soak a little. and you probably don`t want to hear this but you may have to use a hammer on the pry bar to get behind it. it`s earier if you get behind the plate behind the gear.

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      when you do finally get it off clean up the nose of the crank with some very fine sand paper or steel wool somthing. then lube it before you put it back on. Make sure your key is positioned just right. I'm probably the only one this has happened to but my crank got VERY gouged due to the key moving around(I dont run that crank anymore) ruined the gear and everything.

      You might want to try taking the key out before pulling the gear that way you can spin it if you need to.
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        You can drill and tap some holes in it to get a steering wheel puller on, and then switch to your gear puller when it's out enough.

        I've had good results with using a small screwdriver, and hammering it in behind, then moving to a slightly larger screwdriver, untill there's enough room for a gear puller, all the while spraying PB blaster.

        I took the key out too, dunno if that helped.
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          if you take the key out you can rotate it loose then pull/pry it

          if you have it thoroughly sprayed with lube once you get it turning.....