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Z31 Poly Transmission Mount Isolators - Available Now

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  • Z31 Poly Transmission Mount Isolators - Available Now

    As of Monday May 15th, I will be publically releasing the production version of the transmission mounts. These are only available for all USDM Z31's with manual transmissions. They replace your stock (and probably shot) transmission isolator to reduce engine and transmission movement while still providing an adiquate level of damping.

    If you have already purchased engine isolators, these units are US$89 shipped UPS within the continental USA, if you are only getting the trans isolator, the price is $99 shipped. You may purchase both engine and transmission units together for a total cost of $199 shipped. All paypal fees are included in the price.

    These are very high quality poly with anchored 18.8 stainless hardware; they should outlast your car. Contact me VIA e-mail with any questions, my paypal address is:

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    this is good shiz-nit. buy your`s today.

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    good thing....


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      autoworkZ wrote: this is good shiz-nit. buy your`s today.
      + 1


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        very cool, ill buy one sooner than later funds are short for the moment :cry:
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          Makes me wish I was keepin the vg30 in there.....wait a second...let me wait till mid july, then I'll completely answer that question :twisted:

          Good work man! Looks Great
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            I was lucky enough to get one of the test units and I am very happy with it, especially when used in conjunction with the engine isolators. The engine mounts significantly reduce the amount of engine movement/torque when revving or accelerating, and the transmission isolator reduced it more.

            For me the most noticeable difference was the better shifting and clutch engagement and the more positive feel of throttle response on the road (less waisted energy in power train movement?).

            My 2 cents....worth every penny for both. :wink:
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              I have ordered them both as well, can't wait to see them! Very nice work!
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                Are these ever going to be available again?


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                  RBZtobe wrote: Are these ever going to be available again?
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                    I was talking to Mr. Ard about them, he should have some available from ASCO also.


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                      They are available for purchase here from us at Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage as well -


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               ... sun-nissan

                        Your link no work.
                        Hmmm, Whats next?
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                          zachary.ard wrote: They are available for purchase here from us at Acadiana Sports Car Orphanage as well -


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