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steering knuckles, two types, two prices

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  • steering knuckles, two types, two prices

    ETA 3 weeks...

    steering knuckle type #1: spacer with steering arm, approx 3/4" added to height, will require the stock piece to be used (for the balljoint) except the arm will need to be cut off

    price estimate 160+ship

    steering knuckle type #2: complete knuckle replacement, approx 3/4" added to height mostly below the steering arm for better control arm clearance, will move strut outward ~5mm (adds a touch of negative camber)

    price estimate 220+ship


    both will have quicker turn ratio and in the case of #2 remove a bit of unsprung weight

    questions? suggestions? interest? pm/email

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    When i graduate.

    Sounds good

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      I must have missed a previous post.

      Are these steering spacers to allow more angle? If not then what is their purpose?

      I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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        quicker, less turns for more angle... as well as to correct the control arm angle on lowered cars