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still having brake problems

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  • still having brake problems

    bled brakes w/ push n hold method. air coming from RF line after excessive bleeding. Rear was good. Parked for a week or so and now reservoir is empty.

    Checked all lines and no leaks except maybe...
    That's the splitter to the two rear calipers.

    Purchased vacuum bleeder at AutoZone. Does not pull fluid out at all. Pumped new fluid through and used vacuum pump again, still not pulling any fluid out. POS or dumb ass user?

    Reluctant to pull master cylinder out to bench bleed/replace...

    Advice please. Small shit like this pisses me off.

    I wrap my paper weights in glitter.

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    seems like all roads lead to MC. Fuck.

    I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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      Empty reservoir= leak. (yes Ive been there a few times unfortunately)

      Good news is that you appear to have found a likely culprit. Bad news is that it probably wont be a real easy fix. From that pic you posted it looks like you may need some new solid line.
      Just stand back and throw money.
      Performance costs money.
      Reliable performance costs more.


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        I have a parts car...

        but this still sucks.

        MC was leaking at the booster. Swapping both with spares. Will attempt to bleed and see if the rear splitter is effed.

        I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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            swapped in spare MC and booster.

            All is well.....

            so far..

            I wrap my paper weights in glitter.