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camber corrective rear poly bushings

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  • camber corrective rear poly bushings

    Has anybody tried using camber corrective or offset bushes in their car?
    How well would they work compared to doing the camber mod?
    I dont plan to lower my car and i will be running stock 85t wheels for a reasonable while when i get my car running.I can get all the poly bushings i need from a local suspension outfit and get them as i need them.Since i don't fully understand exactly why the camber mod works i am not sure that i should do it.but when i install poly in the rear of the car it would be nice to know i can do something about rear camber without having to modify anything.

    sorry for the noobish question many thanks to those that can help
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    kmac makes a very expensive kit that uses offset bushings. you would not get enough adjustment if you just replaced the stock bushing with an offset one. to fix my camber, i relocated the shackle about 6mm lower. the stock bushing is only about 2mm thick.
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