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85 n/a lowering springs in an 88t?

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  • 85 n/a lowering springs in an 88t?

    getting a junk n/a 300zx and it has lowering springs and jwt cams....wondering if the front struts and the rear springs will fit in my 88t. also confirming that the jwt cam will fit also...?

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    springs? slap em on.. just make shure they're seated properly when you drop the car back on all 4. also remeber to torque your bolts! its whats holding your car up, no torque wrench? get one, they're useful

    TurboZkid wrote: and jwt cams.... also confirming that the jwt cam will fit also...?
    if its a N/A cam you might want to ease away from installing them

    usually aftermarket N/A cams have higher exhaust overlap than cams designed for a turbo charged engine. overlap isint really a desire for turbo charged cars, they can have more detremental effects than the benefits are worth


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      You dont HAVE to use JWT springs. The dont even offer as high of a seat pressure as the Schneider springs. The reason they want you to do springs is because of the more aggresive ramp in the cam profile. It is more likley to to cause valve float. If the lobe sepperation angle is around a 112* then it is more aimed at NA applications. If it is 114* or higher then it is a turbo cam.
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