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  • Help With Strut Cartridges

    I posted this on, but I know some of you don't frequent there any longer. Any help with making sure on these ?

    I am trying to change the front struts on my 88 Turbo. Just found out that the new cartridges don't fit the housings. My theory is that at some point the fronts were changed at the dealership, and they converted to N/A struts / cartridges to save money over the adjustable. The housings are cast 54303 26P00 and the cartridges are marked 56105 26P00. The dealer can't find either number, but says they didn't sell just cartridges, but the entire assy., so that number wouldn't be good. There do appear to be paper PN stickers on the housings, but they are unreadable. The old strut cartridge is ~43mm, while my turbo replacement is ~46 in diameter. Can anyone confirm these housings before I try to exchange the cartridges ?

    I have checked the fiche, and see that 56105 is the part code, but that's about all I can see.


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    so you need turbo strut housings... if your illuminas don't fit you have na housings...

    you don't have to think any harder than that


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      But I have a bad habit of thinking too hard. Thanks for the perspective, it just threw me that the dealer couldn't confirm any numbers. Blows my mind that someone would pay the dealer to replace the housings and all.

      They are actually Bilsteins, I'll probably see if I can exchange the cartridges for NA ones, turbos seem to be rare in the yards around here....



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        You've got SS strut housings.

        I *THINK* that they're the same housings as NA.. the SS didn't have adjustables, but I don't think that it would have received anything TOO special.

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          Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to look. I wondered if that was the case, because the only P2600 numbers I could find were for the NLA SS springs. Being NLA may also explain why the dealer couldn't find the number.

          So, I'm guessing someone took the car to the dealer, dealer quotes turbo (adjustable) shock replacements, owner balks at the price, dealer, who replaces the entire assy. anyway says, well, we do have this listing for non-adjustables for an 88 turbo model....

          A few years later my life is confused, and $300 worth of strut carts are sitting there looking at me....



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            Not that big of a deal really, just irritating I know. You just have to spend the money on some 87-89 turbo strut housings.


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              Yeah, I checked and saw that the other side had the paper tags in the same place, and ASSumed that they both had been changed, good thing I checked to be sure, pass. side is a regular turbo adjustable strut, still hooked up even.

              So, I need to find a left strut housing for a 87 - 89 T, no big thing, that will give me time to collect the ball joints and upper insulators / mounts and bearings. I would almost rather have to find a housing than exchange the Bilsteins anyway, late turbos seem to be rare in the yards around here is the only problem.

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                If it's all you are able to fine, you could use an early turbo strut housing as well. The only problem is that the spindle angle is different relative to the tube. If you use the early housing with the later control arm you will get about -.5 degrees additional camber in the front. You could slot the upper mount holes to compensate on either side, but they need more negative camber up front anyway so I would just adjust the other side.


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                  Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot about that trick, and if they haven't crushed it, I know where there is an AE that I think still had suspension under it. I could get both housings and "upgrade".