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Nice writeup for a brake caliper rebuild

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  • Nice writeup for a brake caliper rebuild

    Found this while googling, nice writeup with pics.

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    Good information for people to read should they want to try it themselves, but it's really no different than doing it with any other caliper... done one and you've done them all (except for the rear parking brake mechanism in Z31 calipers which can be a pain).

    You also have to consider that the pistons may be pitted or damaged so they would need to be resurfaced and an undersize seal used. Need to inspect this first... People would end up tearing their calipers apart to do it and then finding they ca't, or worse yet putting them together only to have them leak a year down the road, in a dangerous sort of way.

    I think that guy grossly overpaid for his calipers, look at the price at the bottom of his post. :lol:


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      i've done it to old mercedes calipers a couple of times ... never really put too much tought into it , haven't had any leaks either, pretty straight forward ...

      what i am afraid of doing is splitting the caliper down into the two pieces ...