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My G35 17 wheels, 275/40-17 rear and 225/50-17 front

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  • My G35 17 wheels, 275/40-17 rear and 225/50-17 front

    I picked these up from TODD03412 over the weekend. He's a pretty cool guy. Sorry for the crappy camera phone pics I'll take better ones tonight when I get home :wink: One thing I noticed is that the front wheel center cap doesn't fit because of my wheel bearing cap. From the pictures I have of TODD03412 car he has the center cap still on. My car is a 01/89 NA Z 5spd 2 seater. Has anyone else run into this whith these wheels? Also the front wheels are about a snug finger tip distance away from the strut tube. They still fit with no rubbing so I'm not to concered but is it the same with other poeple that have these wheels? They are 17" x 8" rear and 17" x 7.5" front.

    89 Black Z 5spd, tokico hp, msa springs, k&n cone, dynomax racemagnum muffler, stanza tb.

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    As long as nothing rubs, GAME ON. Looks liek with the center cap you have no choice unless you add a spacer which you dont need anyways unless its not flush so theres no point in messing with it. Ask TODD03412


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      Measure from the edge of the tire to the lip of the fender and you might get an idea of how much you need.


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        I never used spacers. I removed the dust covers..........
        A typical modification that has to be done when using an aftermarket wheel (or something that didnt come with it
        I modified the front caps to work with the spindle. As long as the wheel bearing bolt is covered with the cap there isnt a problem (most people I autox with leave them exposed anyways, which isnt any big deal...but I do think it is kinda tarded somewhat)

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