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    Jason84NA2T wrote: Mark, what springs are on his red 86T and how was the camber correction done? That's a very sharp car.
    Tokico Illuminas & Tokico springs. I had an extra subframe that I did the camber correction to (slotted the holes & welded tabs onto it ) and I installed urethane subframe bushings on it as well. He is lazy (and is ruining his rear tires) and hasn't brought it by for me to swap it in yet. It also has MSA sway bars, complete 3" exhaust (cheap in town job but works well), AVC-R, urethane bushing kit, and TT front calipers. I swapped his 87 struts assemblies onto his 86 & vice versa. I will then modify his subframe to put in his brother's car. He wants a turbo upgrade but I advised against it until he freshens the engine and allows me to port everything & he gets a gutted plenum. 156,000 miles on it now. I did the timing belt job on it recently to ensure its reliability. The next thing he wants is for me to paint it bright red. That should be done by the end of the summer. Gonna paint his lil brother's the Nissan dark charcoal metallic. Should look quite good! Both of them. Then we'll be rolling 3 deep here in Vegas. lol
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      2+2turbo wrote: i had to ship some 86t gll seats , wazz is right , it was about 70lbs for the pass non electric and the drivers elec together
      yeah i took out my passanger seat to get to some wiring and man that thing was heavy.

      oh as for picking up cars.
      me and 3 of my buddys picked up my hyundia accent(sold) once
      and we had my girlfriend sitting in the car (well she only weight 1/8 of the car; maybe 90 pounds lol).
      and im not a strong guy and my friends arnt that strong ether.

      best memory of that car i have,
      well minus the back seat


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        raidon84300zx wrote: I had my 1986 300ZX 2x2 weighed at the junk yard scale a couple days ago. 2900 lbs without me in the car. Keep in mind this Z has been completely stripped out leaving only what keeps it running and street legal. It also has a bit of a rust problem that has left big holes in certain places. :shock:

        Does this weight sound ligit? I'm not confident in the calibration of the scale either.
        get with eric, that jy scale probably hasn`t been calibrated in 10 years. the one on base is dead on.

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        good thing....