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adjustable front control arms questions

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  • adjustable front control arms questions

    I'm brainstorming the production longer front control arms for the auto-x Z.

    There are three options at the table and MY point of view on them.

    Later model Z31 control arms = -.5 degrees camber. Already installed.


    Cut and lengthen the original control arms by "X" millimeters = -X degrees camber. Going to do it just for shits and giggles.


    Use hardware to make adj. control arms = -X degress camber. Still on the back burner.

    I see an issue already when you lengthen the control arm at or near the pivot point. The studs that secure the tension rod to the control arm will not line up with the holes in the control arm once the control arm has been extended "X" milimeters. Also, the bolt for the sway bar bushings will start to gain an angle. This leads me to believe that the later model Z31 control arms are extended at the point closets to the ball joint, past the spot where the tension rod and sway bar bolts secures itself to it.

    Any input?
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    My opinion is you should not cut and re-weld the control arms (or any suspension components unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing) OR make them adjustable (with joints that have a poor lifespan on a street car) just for the sake of adjusting camber. Neither one of those solutions is ideal in every way. If you need more negative camber I would slot the upper mount holes or get some camber plates. Not only will your suspension geometry be better, but it will be easier to adjust.


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      Jason hit it right on. I did it your way on my first Z autocross car. 88 Control arms and camber bolts. Got me about 2 degrees. My current car I used ground control camber plates and can get over 3 degrees if I want it. Much eaiser to install and adjust. Not to mention the benefit of coilovers and different spring rates.
      ...and how much HP do you have at 0 boost