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Race Spring Sets: Pre-order

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  • Race Spring Sets: Pre-order

    Z31Parts Race Spring Sets

    The initial order for the new high performance drop-in springs for the Z31 will be by pre-order. These springs will outperform any other drop-in spring on the market, offer three lowering options, and can be paired with Tokico Illumina, Bilstein HD, or Koni Shocks!

    Information here:

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    Welp, You already have my answer to that! :wink: I will be out at the meet. I am trying to round up a few Z's from around here to go also.
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    Heads up makes teh panties drop. BUT I don't have a penis OR a fast car, so I guess my opinion doesn't count.


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      Awesome! So the eta has been pushed back to May? Damn, that's so close yet so far away!

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        How much?
        Oh wait...its on your page. Sorry :lol:
        I'm blind when it comes to finding the price tag.

        Does anyone have pics of how it looks to have the front lowered 1"?
        I'm not sure if I want that yet...I'm starting to like the stock ride height.
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          ZDaddy wrote: I'm starting to like the stock ride height.
          lol... o dear..

          i think im gonna be down for a set, still trying to decide how low i want to go. Whats the spring rate again I think i missed it. I think the 2 inch springs will be dragging the frame rails by the firewall on the ground. Any prototype sets installed yet?>


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            I will be down for a set if I can see pictures of them installed! Primarily I would like to see if the front and rear will level, instead of sagging like ST's.
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              I will try to get pictures for you once I have them installed in my 87T.

              I have changed the pricing scheme by request. Most people did not want to pay two times, so I have determined the final price and listed them for that on the site. It's easier this way anyway. Have a looksee.


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                Oh dang! I didnt know you could buy JUST th fronts or JUST the rears if you wanted! Instead of all four at a time.

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