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bad shocks?

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  • bad shocks?

    hey guys i have bad shocks and i know i need new ones,but i was wondering if it would be causing my car to jerk alot like everytime i get on the gas again between shifts or whenever i pull at like 3000?

    I already know the shocks are shit but i just wanna know if it could be other things and if one of you guys has had this problem,thanks
    87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon

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    Have you replaced the springs? The stock springs are too weak and cause the car to be slinky like while driving...
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      Well your springs might be getting weak, but I bet new shocks will fix 99% of the problem. I went from good shocks to better shocks and was surprised at the difference, I'm sure going from bad ones to good ones is mind-blowing.
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        ya im pretty sure ill notice a difference
        87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon


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          Jerks? Doesn't feel like an engine issue? Maybe you should check your drive shafts.

          Terrible idea putting those wheels on...