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poly diff mount... prototype done

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  • poly diff mount... prototype done

    but no pics sorry heh

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    I am in for one of these, nice work. It will go nicely with the engine and tranny mounts I received from Jason yesterday.

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      I am installing it today, the position I chose will move the diff up by 1/4"

      I think when I make the next few I won't make the bolt holes the same size for the body considering 2 are M12 and 2 are M10... might as well make them tight... I made some shorty sleeves for the M10's (kinda like how the t-belt cover bolts are) to center them better

      I originally intended to use bolts instead of the diff cover studs but I used up my m14 nuts... theres just enough thread for the original nuts to go back on with new ss washers

      I'm beginning the fun part now.... trying to squeeze the poly in as I jack the whole crossmember


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        only annoying part was jacking the rear back up and crunching the rusty exhuast pipe with the hanger.... oh well guess I have to buy one more thing monday

        reused the studs and bolts to mount it to the body and diff cover, haven't ordered any fasteners yet so I used a few mitsubishi m10 grade 10.9's for the poly, was lucky to be able to find 2 nuts for it.... they are 1.5 pitch whereas most of the m10 nissan stuff is 1.25 and everything from the Z's I had lying around were too short anyway

        in other news, my compressor kicked the bucket, or at least won't turn on anymore shitty


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          any pics?
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            2 more units are in production.... will update with price soon


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              OoOoO..thats nice. I will buy your first one. Let me know. I need it ASAP. Thanks.


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                I'm down for one also.
                1988 SS TURBO BEING RESTORE.


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                  I have someone working on the metal, I haven't been able to talk to him since last monday so I really don't know what the progress is.... and then I'm just waiting to get it in my hand to get the poly/sleeves cut....

                  I ordered a batch of 10.9 bolts so hopefully nothing will ever go pop...

                  also I'll give buyers the option of nuts+washers if the diff studs are too tough to get out, or washers and bolts to replace them


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                    ok so my new machinist has some quality control issues, and he doesn't like my metric dimensions - wants me to convert it all to imperial bah!

                    anyway I've got the angles in, one of the diff mount pieces has to go back for some cleanup, chips and gouges in it....

                    so monday I'm going to go meet him and school him, if he needs coaching and simplifying of instructions, we're gonna work it out

                    so everyone who wants one just hold tight a bit longer hah


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                      WAZZ UP ...........G 8)
                      1988 SS TURBO BEING RESTORE.


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                        I'm going to start taking orders next week, I plan to have two kits ready by the end of the week for a couple of lucky beta testers, then I can make any adjustments based on recommendations

                        I've already moved the mount holes due to the fact that I was planning on using bolts only but I figured getting the studs out of the body might be tough and they will be taller than bolt heads.... and there has to be a clearance for movement and space to get a wrench in there

                        my machinist went on vacation at a bad time :P


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                          Cool keep me posted :wink:
                          1988 SS TURBO BEING RESTORE.


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                            mario88ss wrote: Cool keep me posted :wink:


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                              I will probably pick one of those up to compliment Jasons super sweet poly tranny mount!