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Stub axle companion flange and control arm compatibility

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  • Stub axle companion flange and control arm compatibility

    I need to know if 84T stub axle companion flanges work with 87-89NA rear control arms? Or do the stub axle companion flanges need to be 87-89T's to coincide with the 87-89NA rear control arms?

    I already asked somebody at Nissan using FAST, but cannot confirm the part numbers. It seems that Nissan sells the control arm with the flange already on it as one unit. Meaning the part number for the stub axle companion cannot be confirmed for different years.

    Jason mentioned that he thinks the 87-89T flanges are longer than 84T flanges to work with the 87-89 rear arms, but is not 100% sure.

    Anyone know for sure? Would the FICHE yield any results if FAST doesn't? Thanks.

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    To get better answers.....wouldn't the better title be:
    To all those that have swapped rear control arms!
    Did you experience any difficulties with the rear half shafts, or have to swap out hubs to use the halfshaft you always had? Please explain your upgrade process and any dilemas or difficulties you encountered!
    I am here to help...