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rca/bumpsteer spacers

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  • rca/bumpsteer spacers

    I found a new cnc guy who makes gun handles of all things at work... I've asked him to get me a price on the spacers alone... no steering knuckles for now pending another redesign

    so my current plan is to make a new knuckle with integrated spacer and therefore cut down on complexity, as these guys don't have access to a cheap scrap size and it would be all the same to them but higher labour costs

    however I can have a few sets of 12mm spacers run off for anyone who wants them right now

    I don't have a price today but I should be tomorrow, feel free to suggest what you're willing to pay, you can pm if you're shy it's ok really

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    Sounds awesome. I would be willing to test a set for you ASAP.

    I think around $50/pair is a fair price, plus shipping. If you include the replacement bolts maybe $60/pair? I guess it depends on how much he charges for the machine work... I've gotten some astronomical quotes before.


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      yea, the worst part about the quoting process is the 800% variability place to place for the same thing

      in this case I've known the guy a long time so I trust him, but he is only part of the heirarchy so I'll hear back as soon as it has reached whoever makes the final decision

      my unofficial target is sub-100$ shipped to me and shipped to the end user, but we'll see what they say


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        Are you speaking in those funny colored monies again, because I was talking about the green stuff we use here south of the border :-)