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looking for some rear shocks

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  • looking for some rear shocks

    my rear end is really squating when i hit the gas. yes i know the springs are dead. but the shocks are dead as well. i want to replace the shocks for now. i found a S13 rear end for $100. i just need to locate a pick up and then get it. probably around tax time.

    anyway i used to be in the 4 wheeling/ rockcrawling with my toyota truck.

    i want to get a set of rancho shocks for the rear of my car. they make 9000x series that has 9 adjustment settings. from AZ-ZBums sight i figured out the travel of the Z shocks. and i found a set on the rancho web site that might work.

    but i need to know if anyone has a set of shocks sitting around and can take some measurements for me.

    i need to know what the diameter of the stem mount (upper part of the shock) is and what the diameter of the bushing mount (lower control arm mount) is.

    heres the part number of the set i think will work.

    they are 15.75" compressed and 24.75 extended. which is very close to the stock lengths.


    unfortunatly its a 3 tube design. reserve, intermediate, primary

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    so what's the plan you going to install the s13 rear end (see related thread) and then try to use rancho shocks of stock z31 travel length?

    if you use the s13 stuff, why not go coilover, then you can choose from about 8 large names in the adjustable shock category aside from the high end monotubes like bilstein, and you'll have a ton of spring mfgr choices.... I don't see why you want ranchos

    likewise if you use the s13 rear the shock and location type will not be the same as the z31 so you will need a different size

    if you retain the z31 rear end, there are still several adjustable shocks, koni, tokico, kyb... and you can easily drop in s13 coilovers like jason did for all the same options as above


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      I would be very surprised if the rancho shocks have the setting needed for a sport car. Way different than a truck for off road use.
      Chuck Stong
      300+ Parts and Performance owner
      2002 ZCOT president and always active member


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        i just want something stiff until about the end of the year. then i can get that s13 rear end and figure out which coilovers to get. i'm going to try to get it somewhat like butters set-up. i've got to see if the college will let me into the welding shop to use their welding equipment.