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SS Tech springs and Koni adjustable installation

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  • SS Tech springs and Koni adjustable installation

    Well ive been installing suspension tech springs and Koni adjustable struts on my 1987 nissan maxima for the past two day's , It's comming out very very good , But man this is taking for ever and im only on the fronts.. Ive already cut off the old struts and put the new ones in and im about to assemble the whole strut.

    Still gotta get the rear's off my other maxima the parts car a gxe , And then take the rears off my car that im putting every thing on the SE .

    I have to do that because the struts are for non Electronicly adjustable suspension.

    Or i could pay 600 or more just for the stock factory elec adjustable struts...

    Wish i dident have to do it but man these thing's are like 4x4's ...

    What do you guys have to say about the koni adjustables that you adjust with an alen key and suspension tech 1.5 " Drop springs?

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    WOW you have adjustable koni springs? fantastic!


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      I don't understand the question.


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        G-E wrote: WOW you have adjustable koni springs? fantastic!
        Fixed that little tidbit ... Lol


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          Jason84NA2T wrote: I don't understand the question.
          Question is have any of you guy's used the combinaton of koni struts and ST springs?

          If so did you like it and would you reccommend the setup to any one else?


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            not having driven the car since I can't give you impressions beyond jumping on the car....

            I have koni yellows and koni springs.... seems everyone goes for tokico (maybe they don't know anything about koni... or maybe all the faqs only mention illuminas hmmm)

            as for springs, I think I'm one of 2 people with them


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              Humm , Well i just got the 2 fronts installed springs and struts , Wow that hugeeee wheel gap is gone , And before i could push the car down in the front with one hand and bounce it up and down easy , But now i cant even push it down.

              Cant wait till i get the rears on and then fix the issue with fuel so i can register and drive this biitch.


              Front: With koni struts and st springs

              Rears with stock springs and struts ... can you say 4x4?!?!?!


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                looks good...and you can't go wrong with Koni's IMO.
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                  Man i started doing the rears today , By taking the suspension off the GXE with non electronic adjustable suspension.... And it was broke , The mount i think..... DAMN IT!!!! Theres no junk yards with a maxima for like 900 miles!!!

                  Pictures soon ....

                  And im wondering if i should say FUCK it , And just put the koni's and the St springs on my SE that came with electronic adjustable suspension ???

                  Well not in the front because i put the koni's and st springs up there and converted it to the gxe mount setup...

                  But in the back will it be a big problem ???

                  Some one in the maxima forum said they will make noises .... But no one responds there any more...
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                    Well if there's anything I can grab relatively easily, there is a maxima of your gen at the junkyard I go to on the weekends
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                      Well i need both upper suspension ( Every thing above the spring ) On both rears.

                      Tell me you're price.


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                          Ohh also i need the dust cover... If it has it.

                          And if you dont have a spring compressor all you have to do it keep the suspension mounted up top and unmounted at the bottem and just loosen the nut the holds the strut down and the spring will fly to the ground and youll have every thing you need in like 5 mins.