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Havening some problemems with the z31 setup

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  • Havening some problemems with the z31 setup

    Ok, haven't posted in a while. I have been screwing around mostly with work on the weekends and playing with the M30.

    I took the z31 down to San Diego for the week and had a lot of worrisome problems. The rear suspension is as follows and I checked it before I left:

    ST/Illuminas, solid frame bushings, solid diff mount, poly C/A bushings, slotted but never finished the welding. I am running really wide drag radials and during this trip I am getting clunking noises, I am getting a carved out sidewall on my NEW passenger side tire from bottoming into the fender. THe clunking noises are coming on the pass side rear - I am getting clunk into gear, fine when rolling. I get some whiney noise on that side at low speed (L.A. traffic, like 15 mph cruizing). I am getting the "air pop" noise on the pass. side when going over speed bumps.

    I have come to the conclusion that I probably have a blown rear pass illumina but when I push the corner it's pretty much the same as the driver side. I need to pull the rear susp to get the camber correction welded anyway, and at this point I think I have some other stuff to do, but not sure what.

    I have checked play on the wheel bearings and seems to be in spec. I will be putting in new spicer driveshaft and see how that helps with the clunks. The mounting points are all torqued where they should be, the shock tower is torqued and its not the regular top mount of the shock failed clunks I am getting. I cannot vouch for the rear but I think it's fine.

    I am thinking if it is time to swap a shock I might as well just do rear coilovers to get some serious squat reduction. I just got hold of some s13 dampers for my m30 and want to see how that works out, I might get another set for the rears on the Z31 to see if it helps. Anyone with failed rear illuminas that can vouch for how they go out? My driver side tire is not meeting the fender at all and is of a similar negative camber and same setup. The car is off the road until I figure this out, which sucks.

    Any ideas thanks. Here is the pics of the s13 dampers going into the m30, they should be the same setup for a z31 but I would want wicked spring rates on them for that application. this is a 8/6.

    If these work nice I might spring for the z31 setup and do it, but I can't figure out what's wrong with the z31 without a little help. I am stumped as I have a bunch of problems appearing at once.
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    if you really think it's the one illumina, swap them side to side and see if the other wheel starts rubbing....

    if it does that's it.... simple


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      the power of logic....

      Thanks I will do that
      "If you don't hold don't own it"