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  • Wheel/Tire spacer recommendation

    After photoshopping a set of G35 6 spoke 17 inch wheels on my 1987 Turbo Z I bought a used set from ebay. I noted that some people do the direct fitment while others use a 1 inch spacer for cosmetics.

    At this point I have opted to use the spacers however I have two common questions:

    1. Where can I get a good quality set of spacers?

    2. How wide can my tires be without throwing off the speedo?

    From my research on this site and others it appears that for the fronts 225/45/R17 and rears 245/40/17 will keep the speedo accurate.

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    yeah and while we're answering spacer questons, answer this one for me: I just bought a set of Z32 wheels. I've yet to try them on however I'm told you need a spacer. How much spacing do you guys think i should use, if any?
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      I wouldn't think width would effect the speedo....

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        True Width does not affect the speedo but

        Available tires sizes have different widths. For example the overall diameter of a BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD 275/40 YR17 is 25.7 inches versus the 25 inch outside diameter of a 225/45 YR17.

        The different widths are only available in different sizes that ultimately affect the speedo.

        As I compare the specs on the F 245/45/R17 R 255/45/R17 look like they may work.


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          well if the tire is too wide for the rim you will definately have speedo problems...

          like how it's trying to measure the car going forward but the car is actually hurtling over a guardrail


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            where could i buy a good set?
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              Hubcentric spacers


              Hubcentric is term used to describe the style of wheel spacers. Just do a search for wheel spacers with the z lug pattern on ebay and check the item description to verify they are hubcentric.

              Some please correct this if I am wrong


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                no i understand what hubcentric wheel spacers are, i was more interested in supporting a local Z community member. I didnt' see them on TSS's site though so i'm not quite sure where else to look.
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                  also make sure they aren't junk, cuz if you have a friend with a lathe and a drillpress you can have them made easily....

                  and if you need adapters (anything over 3/8" really needs one) call up a company that does spacers for a living and uses grade 12.8 studs and such, there's a huge difference between them and shitty chinese specials ala ebay


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                    homestar wrote: no i understand what hubcentric wheel spacers are, i was more interested in supporting a local Z community member. I didnt' see them on TSS's site though so i'm not quite sure where else to look.
                    Send Dan an email, hes always buying a limited stock of certain things which dont always end up on the website.
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                      You're right Steve!
                      *I Ordered a few extra sets when I was building "Project'88T".
                      I have a couple left.
                      These may not suit the application, but it is what I have:
                      -qty 1 pair
                      5/8" wheel adapters(hubcentric) with quality grade studs.
                      ^^I can get others...I'm in a position where I wouldn't bring them in unless I knew they were sold, which isn't a big deal because I get deliveries 3 times a week anyway.
                      E-mail for more info.
                      **OH! And there is just a mess load of items that I have access to, but don't have listed on the whenever in doubt, just e-mail/ask.
                      I am here to help...


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                        I bought a set off ebay, (seller had a good feedback) and after six months they are holding up fine. The ones I used were for a mustang.
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                          I'll pick adaptors over spacers anyday.
                          Got mine from
                          Thay have help up very well, not a single issue with them.
                          Plus, 1" adapters look really good with the stock wheels.

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