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  • foam???

    anyone put that expanding foam into thier frame rails yet.

    i've been thinking about doing it. much cheaper and lighter then adding a lot of steel bracing. i've read about people doing it for increased rigidity. i'd like to do it because the t-top chassie isn't all that rigid.


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    Use caution where you do that at. The expanding foam to fill holes/cracks in homes offers a marginal improvement.
    *The stuff to use is an automotive grade expanding foam sealant. It is a rubber composition product that is much more rigid.
    ~I say use caution because of what I witnessed that happened to a car audio customers trunk lid when he filled the channels in the frame work to the trunk lid......
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    I am here to help...


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      what brand and where can you by the stuff. maybe it would get rid of the creaking in my car too.


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        Autoseal is a name brand of the "correct" foam to use for that application. I have considered it numerous times...


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          thanks. i'll be looking for some of that crap. i've been wanting to do something.


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            I just was watching the science channel and they showed how they insulate garage doors with that stuff. I think it would be sick to inject it into the rails

            Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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              I think it was one of the smarter people over at sport compact car (can you tell I don't have a high opinion of some of those guys?) that did it with a Z32 and actually measured the decrease in flex, which was substantial. Maybe someone has the issue I am speaking of and can fill us in a little better.


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                Have you looked into PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline. Its more of a sealer but the stuff dries super hard.

                We use it at GM to bond the fiberglass roof section of the corvette targa tops to the metal frame (Its actually a recall because the stupid fiberglass part would come flying off the frame at speed).

                Stuffs expensive though.
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                  AutoSeal structural foam?

                  Goggle Search provides no source. Do you have a link?[/b]


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                    AUTOSEAL IS NO LONGER AROUND.

                    I have tried many moons to buy this stuff. They returned my check and directed me to another company who assured me it was the same product. Bought it from Grainger. It was not the same stuff. Closed cell, but not even close. Fortunately, I can rip it out of my fenders easy enough with my bare hands so I didn't manage to ruin my car.

                    One of the ziptied guys in Japan sent me the info for the real stuff. I'll keep you guys updated.
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                      Butter wrote: ... Bought it from Grainger. It was not the same stuff. Closed cell, but not even close. Fortunately, I can rip it out of my fenders easy enough with my bare hands ...

                      This stuff?
                      12.0 Ounces, Handi Foam, One Component, Polyurethane Foam, Insulating Sealant?
                      Foam Kit, Handi Foam, 2 Part, Small, Portable, Spray, Polyurethane?

                      We want closed cell foam.

                      INFO: Closed/Open Cell foam
                      "Open-cell foam is soft - like a cushion or the packaging material molded inside a plastic bag to fit a fragile object being shipped. The cell walls, or surfaces of the bubbles, are broken and air fills all of the spaces in the material. This makes the foam soft or weak, as if it were made of broken balloons or soft toy rubber balls."

                      "Closed-cell foam has varying degrees of hardness
                      , depending its density. A normal, closed-cell insulation or flotation urethane is between 2 and 3 pounds per cubic foot. It is strong enough to walk on without major distortion. Most of the cells or bubbles in the foam are not broken; they resemble inflated balloons or soccer balls, piled together in a compact configuration. This makes it strong or rigid because the bubbles are strong enough to take a lot of pressure, like the inflated tires that hold up an automobile."

                      I bought some two part 15lb/cuft ridged foam I will be testing for frame rail injection.

                      More later.


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                        ideally whoever does this will have to clean out the frame of any rust and gunk which is sure to be in there, and a good idea would be to weld shut every orifice and weld on bungs you can cap after the excess foam has squeezed out

                        basically the same stuff is used in refridgeration panels, they assemble them when making industrial freezers, I had some and played with the foam, very very hard, light like a nerf bat, but if you hit someone they will get a good thump


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                          i'll have to go down to lowes today and see if they have any of the closed cell foam.


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                            Foam injection provides surprising benefits. This was offered for a lot of local Z's here last year (FOR FREE! ). The sound deadening is probably the most notable however. If you can get a hold of a quality material, I recommend it.
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                              i found some stuff at lowes, but they don't sell it in bulk, just cans. it costs $5.50 a can. i'm going to call a few hardware stores and see if they sell it in bulk.

                              the foam i found becomes hard within 8hrs and will not allow any compression. sounds like the stuff in need. you can cut it and sand it so its smooth.