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Visible difference from rear poly bushings

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  • Visible difference from rear poly bushings

    In the rear of my car I have one control arm with stock rubber bushings and one with poly bushings. I was really bored driving for a couple hours last weekend so I angled my side mirrors down to look at the wheels and just see how much the rear control arm bushings comply when you get some load on them. I tossed the car lightly side to side and watched the result through the mirrors.

    If you think about it, when you take a corner in either direction, STA rear suspension will always tend to toe out the outside rear tire from bushing compliance. This is part of the reason poly bushings are so beneficial back there... toe out on the outside wheel will greatly contribute to the on-off power oversteer that Z31's are notorious for.

    I could visibly see the difference. The wheel on the control arm with rubber bushings would move almost double that of the one with poly bushings. I had a ruler with me, and some duct tape. I decided to pull off at the next rest stop and tape it onto the splach guard and roughly estimate the amount of compliance and toe change by sight. Just a rough estimate, but the poly bushing arm was moving about 3-5mm and the rubber bushing arm was moving about 8-10mm.

    Just interesting to note...

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    Cool info. Now you need a passenger and a video camera. That would be really cool to see.
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      How is the poly diff mount going?
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        Hmmmm, video camera... Good idea.

        Lance wrote: How is the poly diff mount going?
        Quite good. You can pre-order them at but be aware they are just a pre-order so you wont get it right away!