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  • Knocking sound...

    To make a long story short, Ive had this knocking sound in my Z since I got it... Its been pissing me off lately so I figured Id try to figure out where its coming from. (Just to clarify... its not coming from the engine, its coming from the mid to rear passenger side, and only happens over bumps, dirt roads, etc)

    I originally thought it was from my passenger seat. So I took that out, and drove it around for a bit... And still heard it. I got so pissed that I pulled over, got out, and started kicking and hitting things until I sorta found what it was. I kicked the top of the wheel and i heard it, just once each time I kicked it.

    I havent had time to take the wheel off, that will be a weekend project (for now, its not my main driver... my dads z32 tt is, but only cause im putting a for sale sign in it at work). But what should I be looking for when I go under? I was thinking wheel bearings... Any other suggestions?

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    wheel bearing, broken shock mount, bad crosmember bushing, bad control arm bushing. Basically any and everything that can move or be worn could be a suspect item. (well I doubt brakes but check that out too just because)
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      If you look right behind the passenger door underneath the car, there should be a round bolt thing that holds a bar that goes all the way across the car. That would be the rear crossmember. Push up on that as hard as you can. If it goes up and hits the frame, you've found your problem.
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