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  • Coilovers

    Now before i get slammed say use the search this has nothing to do with jasons post with the various setups. Anyway i met someone on a tercel board believe it or not that has a performance shop and deals with whitline in austrailia and a few others, Well he has a thing for our z31s i spent alot of time discussing possible parts for the z and one that came up and he is gunna look into is possibly seeing if he can get a coilover kit designed through whiteline. Im curious where some of you may stand on this im sure he will need alot of info from the community due to the different setups over the years also i told him how detail and performance aimed all of you are so when he gets any info on specs i will have um all and if you have any suggestions go ahead and shoot. He will work on alot more to if possible he has fiberglass molding and carbon fiber machines at his shop so he will see about kicking out a couple one off kits also deals with turbonetics and a couple others, i mentioned the t3/t4 prob we have with the exhaust housing hes gunna see what he can find out very early stages just a heads up we may have a chance for a good jump of the z31 aftermarket.

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    all he'll need is the front strut+spindle assemblies to copy, but with a coilover


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      yah the front isnt a big deal its the rears you can add the coil on the shock but like jason has said his s13s feel a bit soft so it would be good to have some spring rate ideas and maybe damping to compensate for the now missing spring.


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        It depends entirely on the price and performance of said components.

        Just a ballpark on spring rates...

        front 450lb/in
        rear 400lb/in

        front ~700lb/in
        rear ~800lb/in


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          interesting, about 5-6yrs back i contacted them about bushings for the car. they wanted to make some, issue was, getting some z31 to their shop in australia!

          I am too looking for coilovers.
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            thats interesting considering the z31 is available in austrailia, i know a year or so back they were selling performance springs for the z31 1.5" drop cant remember the rates but they do not advertise them anymore so i have no idea. about the quality honestly i have heard nothing but good things for whiteline and there performance im sure someone will end up doing some research on them.
            also a buddy of mine since i dont have the equipment to do it is actually going to make a new exhaust elbow so we can use the t3/t4 with ford 5bolt without machineing the housing i know some have done it but not everyone can weld or has the equipment to do it so he will make 10 or so and whoever wants to try them will get a chance to review if you like itl be available to everyone.


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              oh yah i forgot to add that on the new t3 elbow we are going to try and design it so it will work with the internal wastegate that way you wont have to mess with seting up external and spend more money.


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                300ZXT might have some idea's on getting them some of the required parts they need to model off, something with adjustable damping that is rebuildable would be great.
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