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G35 Coupe wheels finally installed on my Z31

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  • G35 Coupe wheels finally installed on my Z31

    I finally got around to installing the G35 wheels this past weekend. I settled for using 225/45/17 for the fronts with 5/8 inch adapters and 245/45/17 for the rears with 1 inch adapters. This fitment gives the car a clean look as the rear wheels are approxinmately parallel with the fenders. The only problem is my speedometer is slightly off but this was expected due to the larger tire selection.

    I must admit that the larger wheel diameter and the spacers really brightened the drab stock charcoal wheels. Those faded wheels always influenced the only negative comments about the car. You may also notice that the Z32 style wheel center caps are a direct snap in.

    If anyone else decides to do this modification I highly recommend the use of adapters. Even though the wheels are advertised as a direct fitment, without the adapters you will not be able to use the center caps up front and the wider rear wheels will also look odd. I managed to tap down the front wheel hub cover with a hammer to use the 5/8 adapters and installed the 1 inch for the rears.

    Special thanks to Dan from the Specialty Shop for the free advice and providing a quality set of wheel adapters.

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    Damn, that looks good!
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      those wheels look much better than the regular g35 wheels you see, but since your car isn't that dark I suggest shooting them with a bit of paint to give it more contrast


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        VERY NICE!!! I like the offset with the spacers "perfect".
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          Looks awesome! Makes me want to change my mind on my wheel choice. Where did you get yours?
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            I think the adaptors improve the looks on the z31 with the wider fender flares. The 18" z33 wheels I installed on my wife's 84 worked fine without spacers/adaptors, but I added a 1/8 spacer on the front since it was so close to the strut.

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              Whats with the Bra, Bra? 8)

              Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                It's his wife's car...

                DUH! 8)
                It may not be a Z, but it's still got a turbo...