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    LOL! Yes for sure it was too orange and you couldn't really tell that from the brochure, it wasn't until I saw one in person that I was like ERRR no. Thankfully back in 84' I had ordered a Non-Turbo (insurance on a Turbo for a 23 year dude was 5k) with analog/cloth and T-Tops as that fit into my budget better. That was mid-January 1984..2 weeks later the dealership got a big load of new Z's and my brother was driving past the dealers and called me to go have a look (of course when he got home no cell phones then). I drove down and saw a Red and Maroon both had the leather/digital packages and knew immediatley I didn't like like the Red but the maroon with maroon interior was sweet. Made a deal on the stop to up my ante to the only package other than T-Tops. I am super glad that I got that package, yes the digital stuff created more issues over time but the seats are amazing to this day and leather holds up way better than cloth.