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Digital Dash Controller / Power Supply replacement effort

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    For those who are interested in such things, so most of the wire-to-board PCB headers in the car are from a well-supported TE/AMP part line.

    The handful of exceptions:
    • The 15-position connector on the ECU. It's marked SJD, which should be Mitsubishi Wire & Cable (sold to Furukawa in 2011).
    • The 22-position connector for the transmission control unit. No markings, but accepts the two 58S-type connectors.
    • Compass amplifier, which is probably from the same line as the transmission control unit.
    The bulk of the "small" connectors on the car (see the black connector on my new HVAC board) are AMP DLI (Dual-In-Line) connectors. Found on the HVAC control heads, the dash power supply, Time Control Unit, ASCD, electronic suspension controller, JDM ABS controller. (Am I missing any?) You can find them on Digikey, Mouser, etc. with the "DLI" keyword.

    Other points are the Jetronic-type injection connectors, which are from an unknown supplier initially. Later cars (M30, Z32) and the Z31 injector campaign harness connectors are Mitsubishi Wire & Cable (now Furukawa) Jet-Fire Control (JFC) (what a name!). I hate these. The retention clips are stupid and frustrating, and the plastic likes to crumble. Sadly Nissan used a bunch of strange key-ings that aren't in the common AMP lineup.

    Small interior unsealed connectors are 58S. Large interior unsealed connectors are 58M, as are the relay contacts. Exterior sealed connectors are 58W. Corsa-Technic can supply the terminals & seals for these.


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      With all these different terminals and their corresponding expensive crimping tools, what are you using for crimpers?

      One of the handiest tools I've found that is the closest to a universal terminal crimp tool is Molex PN 63811-1000.

      It has crimp recesses that can be used on the wire and strain relief portions of all but the tiniest terminals I've encountered.
      I've used them on JST/Molex/Hirose/AMP etc..and generic ring terminals with great success when i was our in-house cable guy.
      It's not as easy as having the right tool, but then it's not 700.00 either.

      84 AE/Shiro #683/Shiro #820/84 Turbo


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        That's the one I'm using for the 0.110" and 0.250" terminals on the car already. I haven't procured the DLI terminals yet. I also have a set of PA-09 crimpers for the Mini-50 and JST-XH terminals on my own designs. Sometimes I'll give the 0.250" terminals a tiny daub of solder if I've been forced into using the wrong size terminal, or if I expect significant current. Modern wisdom says not to, but Nissan clearly evaluated & approved the technique on our cars & through the 90s.


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          Because I can't stay focused on one project for more than 30 seconds, and require instant gratification, I've replaced the guts of the clock. Shame to lose that little VFD, but the HCMS 8-character LED displays fit the viewable window perfectly, are an excellent color match (well the orange one is, at least), and give more than twice the usable characters. The microcontroller has a proper RTC with battery backup, so I don't have to keep setting the clock each time I disconnect the battery to work on something.

          At the moment it's really just a display & button board with a cable running out the back to the microcontroller, which wouldn't fit, but I'll have the proper board in the next PCB order.

          This little guy will chat to the rest of the car over CAN, and let me view the wideband output & status, my fan controller state, and some Consult real time data when I get that box working properly.

          I have also given myself the unenviable task of writing HVAC control logic. I might stick with the basic ePaper display for a while before I continue developing a full on replacement display board. I like the effect of displaying a constant logo, even when the board is hard-off.