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Heater is not hot

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  • Heater is not hot

    It is probably the vaccum diaphram that opens it or your heater valve which is under the hood is bad.

    If you need a heater core for some reason, let me know..

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...

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    BouncingPuddles wrote: I can't get the heater to blow hot air, and I don't want to tear everything apart to see whats wrong. I was curious if this is a common problem that can be easily fixed, or do I need to tear the dash apart?

    the heater valve allows water to flow to the heater core. it is vacuum actuated. i forget if vacuum pressure opens or closes the valve, but either way, check the thing out. it is located between the engine and the firewall on the passengers side of the car.. it is black with 2 heater hoses attached to it as well as a small vacuum line on the top of it. you can operate the valce manually with your finger by pulling up on the little metal lever under th valve.

    look for cracks in the vacuum line. operate the valve maually once the car is warmed up and check for changes in temperature at the vents. sometimes these valves go bad but sometimes it is also a problem elswhere in the system. it doesnt matter if you have manual or automatic hvac there are a million parts to the systems and a lot of them can break.


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      Sheeeit, tell me about it...

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...