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High beams no longer function

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  • High beams no longer function

    My 87T has had a bit of a problem for a while. Before, as I would turn on the brights, the low beams would go out, and it would take a few seconds for the high beams to come on. Recently, they have totally stopped working. The fuse is good, but I don't know where the relay is for the high beams. If the relay is the same for the high beams and low beams, then it is still working.

    Does this sound like a bad switch?
    86 hardtop shell, 93 SC300 engine, 95 soarer bellhousing, 91 supra transmission, 95 Q45 differential hubs and driver's side axle, 1992 300ZX turbo driver side axle and calipers, 2004 350Z Rotors, 87 300ZX front end/hood, 1999 Viper radiator, 1992 Mustang throttle body. Lots of glue and tape to keep it all together.

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    I take it you have never had the light switch removed from the steering column and replaced the POOP they called "dielectric grease" that was used for the install. from factory.
    This is a common problem and is easily remedied by pulling the switch, cleaning the contacts, re bending them ever so slightly, and using a quality dielectric grease.
    This issue is all about the contacts.....
    There once was a write up on the process...I have since lost the link.
    Anyone have it kick'in?

    Dan 8)
    I am here to help...


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      Relay... ehh

      I can turn my high and low beams on at the same time

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...