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spare heads problem

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  • spare heads problem


    I was removing the heads from my old block yesterday.. i want to upgrade them with better spring and porting them for the first time...
    I am not sure if this can cause problem...

    here some pictures

    whats you advice on that ? is the head usable ? or im playing with fire ? if i re-use it on another engine eventually.

    Fairlady Z 1990 2+2 Twinturbo

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    The combustion area looks pretty chewed up. You would have to remove quite a bit of material in order to make it smooth again. With the amount you would have to remove you could possibly alter the compression ratio not to mention the other parts of the cumbustion process that you could change.

    In my opinion it would be worth finding some different heads. It looks like a plug exploded in there :shock: What does the piston look like on that cyl.?
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      The piston are okay.. i should clean them to look under the carbon deposit for damage.. maybe the head come from another engine because the headgasket looked pretty new
      Fairlady Z 1990 2+2 Twinturbo


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        bah, i`ve used a head like that, just smoothed off the points. beat the crap out of that motor, it died for other reasons

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          autoworkZ wrote: bah, i`ve used a head like that, just smoothed off the points. beat the crap out of that motor, it died for other reasons
          I hear that!
          Nothing that a little time and effort can't repair.

          Check out this mess! I know the pictures are'nt the best quality, but there wasn't many oem surfaces left after this small washer was run in the cylinder. Believe it or not, it was believed that the dealer did an injector recall and left a gift in the upper plenum, that many miles later was found in the cylinder.
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            I was actually a bit more concerned with that crack...more like a the first pic. :shock:

            I would think there would have had to be some debris floating around that head from that. Any bad wear marks on the cam, journals or lifters?
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              nop, i looked carefully the cam journals and lifter and its almost perfect nothing to signal there ..
              Fairlady Z 1990 2+2 Twinturbo