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Need help trouble shooting stock radio.......

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  • Need help trouble shooting stock radio.......

    Got my "new" 85 GLL 2 seater last week. When i started the car at the PO's house the radio was switched on and came on. I turned it off, big mistake I guess, would not turn back on, owner out a casette tape in and that got stuck in. Finally got the tape out with a small scewdriver and needlenose pliers. Radio did come on again but i again turned tuned it off by misatke.. Can't get it to come back on. Pulled it from the dash and connectivity seems okay. Any body dealt with a similar problem and resolved it. It's also steering wheel controlled and those controls don't do anything for it either....... Thanks... tom87na
    Currently on my 15th ZX, it's an obsession i just can't stop. Got written up in SportZ mag with 12 of my previous Z cars...

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    yeah i had the same problem, it was resolved by removing it and replacing it with an alpine unit.
    Funny stories!


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      I can't confirm this, but i believe there is a relay inside the radio that switches signal from tuner to cassette.
      I've got a couple of 84gll radios, one is outright dead (i killed it).
      The other one will power up, and find a station but there is no sound.
      This happened after i had to manually remove a cassett that got stuck.
      (the drive belts were stretched with age and slipped from the pulleys)
      There is a hiss like the amps are getting signal, but there is no tuner signal
      or tape head signal going to the preamp. I'm going to switch the good tape mechanism
      from my killed unit (its the power supply board that shorted out) and give it to the second unit.

      If you have never cracked open a factory stereo, its not for the faint hearted.

      If you want to keep your factory radio, you can send it to wild bill:

      If my transplant doesn't work, that is where one of mine is going.

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        Not to dis Wild Bill but.......

        I sent him a digital dash a number of years back reinstalled it in my Z and it still didn't work. Guy i sold the car to was an engineer kind of guy, said he changed a diode in it and got it to work.....
        Currently on my 15th ZX, it's an obsession i just can't stop. Got written up in SportZ mag with 12 of my previous Z cars...


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          This guy seems to have it down...

          I had the same issues with mine and replaced it and tossed it before
          I knew Wild Bill Existed.
          Selling left over z31 parts from an 85.