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Now my car wont run at all

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  • Now my car wont run at all

    i changed the cas and thought that fixed it, it ran perfect for a week then all of a sudden i drive along and the tach goes to zero so i beleive that means it lost spark i pulled over and sat for a minute or two started it up just fine and it ran a couple blocks and it did it again. Finally i made it to work after it died four or five times. I went out to warm it up after work it started just fine i walked out later it had died and it wouldent start.
    I checked the coil and it turned out to be good. I pulled the car home and it still sits. It wont start i changed the ignitor as well i pulled the cas and the igniter off my red z which runs good.
    It will sometimes almost start then the idle goes up then to zero then back up then 300rpm then up then down to zero. I say no good. But what do you belive is no good i only have about halfan hour after work to mes with this foolish unit. so if you could help i will have Merle Lee Lee hirt kiss you shoes.
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    Mine used to do something like that. Harness went bad and it started burning up the fusable links. Check those in the little rectangle box near the battery. If they are burnt try to trace where they go, you may find the problem.
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      I had a TPS die on me right after I bought my 84 several years ago. It gave me all kinds of different issues as it was dying and then it went through a similar die and start thing like you describe. Turned out to be a bad electrical connection at the TPS.

      Its an easy check.

      Good luck with that. These kinds of problems can really be a pain.
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        i will look into these thing as soon as i can. thanks any other ideas people
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