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Things I found wrong with the Z

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  • Things I found wrong with the Z

    So I finally got my Z in. Here's a list of the problems that I know of right now.

    1) Alignment
    2) U joint loose in steering
    3) Rust in engine bay and underbody
    4) Stereo (semi fixed)
    5) Fuel quantity sensor bad (shows empty after 100 miles, then I fill up only 5~ gallons)
    6) Exhaust leak
    7) Interior sucks
    8) Exterior has a few bad spots

    All in all though, the engine runs great, thank god for that at least. Time to fix this bitch.

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    Some new ball joints might be good. might explain the loose steering. Might not be a bad idea even if you know for sure it's a U-joint that makes the steering loose.

    Driving with a bad alignment will keep you on your toes, eh?

    Does your car have the inset fuel gauge, or only the big on. Because my big gauge is dumb like yours but the inset one still works fine. I think they started that in 87 though, the 86 i drove didn't have one.
    My beloved Z:1987 2+2 NA2T w/30a swap.
    My black sheep: 88ss parts car (pretty much stripped and gone)
    207k miles and counting. Turbo'd since 155k.


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      I don't know the difference between the two, but my gauge is the digital tach. My buddy named my car Tron just because of that. I want to buy a analog tach just because i realllllly hate the digital.

      I almost have my door completely put back on for temp use until I can get some good condition black door panels. I also need to buy some 6.5'' adapters or build them so i can fit my 6.5's in there - they're a hair too large.

      Besides that, I think I was cheated on the car but that is besides the point now.. i can only look ahead and try my best. Live and learn.