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anyone else have this problem?

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  • anyone else have this problem?

    well, i have had my car for about a year and a half.

    and i found this problem last spring.

    i am finally getting around to working on it. i've decided to leave the motor alone until i have the body fixed.

    i removed all the tar from under the seats and around the back of the transmission tunnel. i am going weld the body seams. i can't believe nissan engineer thought that glue and a couple of spot welds would give the body enough strength. i'll be welding the body and removing the glue. i'll probably start welding tomarrow night.

    i'll also be welding in a new rocker panel on the passenger side and some floor boards.

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    i weighed that sound deadning crap. i just through away 35 lbs. i just used my hammer and chisel. it came out really easy.

    i think i'll probably just use truck bed liner on the floor boards and the trunk area.

    i used it in my toyota truck and it kept the inside nice and quiet and was really easy to clean up.

    * i'll be welding up those holes as well. i bought some 14 gauge steel to patch that up and add some strength.

    i wonder if this is why when i go over uneven pavement my car feels like crap. it wobbles. after i fix this and put my poly bushings in the suspension arms i should have a much nicer ride.


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      be glad you don't have an 80's econobox ;P


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        Very common problem. Lots of people have awful rot in that exact area without any other rust on the car. I believe it is from leaking t-top drains and corner windows.

        Fix er up!


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          i'll be heading out tonight to fix it. my t-top drains work fine.

          the seals were crappy when i got the car. they have all been replaced.


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            WTF are you talking about? That's the Throw Holes factory installed by Nissan to aid in refuse disposal.



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              Butter, was it you that fabbed up those plates that wrapped your front frame rails a while back? Those things are nice.


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                most people have this problem.. and most people dont even know it.. most people outside of the desert at least.


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                  MikeZ wrote: Butter, was it you that fabbed up those plates that wrapped your front frame rails a while back? Those things are nice.
                  On the S13, yes.


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                    just got back. 5 hours later. i have it almost finished. i just need to install a bar on the passenger side for a harness.

                    i'll post pictures tomarrow.



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                      My car started to collect water in the spare tire well. So i just pulled the rubber plug and have called it fixed since.

                      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                        okay heres one side. 5 hours of work. man i hate welding sheet metal.

                        repaired the hole with 14 gauge

                        and then i made this bar and plated the ends of the bar. i needed something better to attach my harness to. i didn't like the stock locations. they just didn't seem very safe.


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                          where did you attach the ground cable?

                          looks like your welds get progressively cleaner to the right, I take it you used a small welder since your beads are all short


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                            Im not going to question your welding ability. I have proof on my Z that you can weld just fine, and the beads on the cross pipe look about as good as anyone can want. Sheet metal is a royal pain any way you slice it.

                            Overall I cant throw stones. Your job will hold just fine and once you coat it with some bed sealant it will be good to go.

                            2 benefits from those cross pipes. 1- great harness mounts 2- helps body rigidity some. Good stuff on both counts.

                            Side note: I really considered adding in a couple cross members for frame/body rigidity when I had the interior torn out. I couldnt decide on exactly what I wanted to do and really wanted to get the interior back together sooner than later so I shelved that until much later. This makes me re-think and revisit the whole thing. :wink:
                            Just stand back and throw money.
                            Performance costs money.
                            Reliable performance costs more.


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                              i had the ground connected on the door catch. and it was a royal pain in the arse welding the japanese tin. the sound deadning doesn't come off really well. so sometimes you have it left where you are welding. on the drivers side i even went as far a heating up the metal with a torch and then melting the crap. then i wiped it out with a rag. its impossible to get it all out of there. it really pisses you off.

                              as for the car rigidity. :lol: holy crap. it feels awesome. tomarrow i'm going back out to finish up the passenger side. then i'll be adding a bar to go between the shock towers, and attaching mounting points for the upper harness mounts.

                              then i'll have to do something to the front. its the weak link now.

                              i'm using a brand new miller dual power mig welder with argon. i personally hate welding with argon. i perfer C02. i was welding everything with 110 power. they haven't had time to get the 220 run for the welder. but i can't complain to much because its free for me to use.

                              i used a piece of seamless stainless steal for my cross bar. i'll be using the same stuff for the rest of the bars in the car. it was free. :!: