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  • Wierd miss....

    Well, I've got the engine all back together, and, well, She fired right up! I was actually kind of amazed. Anyway, I got to take the Z for a test drive, and under load, or in neutral hitting the gas, the engine seems to miss a little bit. but with the throttle steady or being opened slowly the engine will pick up and run smooth all the way up... not to mention it idles smoothly. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if you have, how'd you fix it? Well, I'll keep trying to single it out, but recommendations would be very helpful!


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    Passengers should be confined to the trunk/hatch area. properly secured and only given enough air to survive in a sedated state for the duration of the trip.

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    Sounds like an ignition miss. Check the simple things like plug wires, timing, etc.
    Chuck Stong
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