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  • What's on the Bench?

    I'm posting this here because it covers so many different areas.

    This is what I am working on RIGHT NOW!

    88 wing gasket

    New front loading cast aluminum plenum.
    I started with Plasticine. But the oder working with it made me sick to my stomach.

    I was given this Styrofoam. I glued a bunch of the blocks together and started shaping.

    Front Ball Joint Dust Boots

    Rack & Pinion busing molds. These are the prototype molds. Once I can
    make copies form these molds, I can make the production molds.

    Front Spring Seats. Actually the molds are done. Production will start
    when all the other front poly molds are done.

    Lastly the clear front turn signal lens.

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    Dude, you are awesome.

    Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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      SCHWEET :!:

      I wrap my paper weights in glitter.


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        Very nice! Let us know price and availability.


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          Quite a few projects going...
          Chuck Stong
          300+ Parts and Performance owner

          2002 ZCOT president and always active member


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            great to hear
            keep up the good work.
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              Sigh... I need to get a better job. There are just so many more nice things I want to buy now. :cry:


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                Re: What's on the Bench?

                1artworkz wrote:
                Lastly the clear front turn signal lens.
                Looks i have to make another group buy from you 8)
                Jukka Kivinen - Europe / Finland - '88 Turbo 2+2 Targa
                Datsun Nissan Sports Cars of Finland


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                  1artworkz wrote:
                  Lastly the clear front turn signal lens.
                  Will you being using LED or traditional light bulb?

                  Are you making any for the zenki's?
                  Matte Black 86T - Sold


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                      simply86T wrote: Will you being using LED or traditional light bulb?

                      Are you making any for the zenki's?

                      No on both counts. If you want clears with LED buy them from
                      at $375.00/pair

                      I am making ONLY the clear lens. The buyer will have to replace the OEM
                      orange lens. I will supply an orange lamps with the lenses. Price has not been
                      determined but a set of two will not be greater than $187.50.

                      Just to refresh those that many not have seen some of my earlier posts:
                      I am doing a full frame up custom on my 84T. I love this car and the project
                      is a test of my will, determination, patiences and creativity.

                      Most of the parts I make or will make are for MY car. Some of the other parts
                      are made because I love you guys and they are a creative challenge.
                      (Oh, I am NOT going to make reproductions of 84AE or 86T lower lips.)

                      Because most of the parts are made in molds, I can make copies for sale.

                      My so called business, MFP (Molded Fiber Products), is a hobby and the name is
                      a visual joke that some day someone will get.

                      If you think you know what it is please do not post your answer. If you know
                      what it is you don't need me to tell you that you are right. If you choose, you
                      can email me your answer, however I won't confirm correctness.
                      Some things in life should stay a mystery.
                      I do not make these parts for profit as I make twice the hourly rate on my
                      part time consulting work.

                      I offer reproductions to you guys because you are dedicated fans to one
                      of the most under valued sports car ever made.


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                        Have I told you lately how much I love you? 8)

                        You do all of this for the right reasons.

                        Count me in on the clear lenses. Ill be waiting their release with money in hand.

                        Love the plenum idea also, I may have to snatch one of those just because. :twisted:
                        Just stand back and throw money.
                        Performance costs money.
                        Reliable performance costs more.