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Crank pulley removal problem

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  • Crank pulley removal problem

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to pull the crank pulley to change the timing belt, but I cant get the bolt undone.

    I've tried wedging a cam gear in place with a spark plug socket through one of the holes, but that just made the crank jump a tooth on the belt.

    Anyone got any tips for removing it? I've got all the other belts off, and this is holding me up.

    It's not one of those weird reverse thread bolts is it, the ones you have to crank the other way to undo?

    The cars an auto (if it was a manual I'd just put it in gear).

    I might try making up some sort of bracket that will bolt to the pulley through the 6 little bolts that hold the front pulley on, so I can try and hold it in place while cranking the bolt to undo it. Unless someone has any better ideas.

    Disclaimer: I searched but didn't find anything helpful on the subject

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    impact wrench will pop it right off. if you have one. other wise use a hammer and socket on wratchet.


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      Thanks. I don't have a rattle gun (I almost bought one on the weekend, but didn't), so i'll try the hammer and socket.


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        good luck


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          stick it in gear and pull the brake and use a big leverage bar.

          Doh! just read its an auto. sorry

          they have these big levers with a strap at the end that u tighten up around the balencer and then pull in the opposite direction of the bolt. Maybe you could do somthing like that?
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            Did you ever get this one figured out?

            A breaker bar and a "wussy" (extra hollow) bar for leverage on top of the breaker bar will do wonders. You may have to really throw some weight into it and get pretty serious with it, but it will bust loose!!
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              can also wedge the breaker bar against something and pull the efi breaker and then crank it a few times, just did this myself and it was real easy. I was actually moving the tires with the e-brake on and the car in gear, so this was the last option for me.


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                The slightest crank will break it loose.

                Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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                  Yeah I finally got the nut cracked. I ended up bolting a bracket I made up to the front of the pully using 3 of the bolts that hold on the extra pulley on the front of the main pulley. I then bolted that to a square tube and wedged it against the side of the pit the car is over, then used a breaker bar with another length of tube over it to get the leverage to get the bolt off.

                  I Tried a cheap rattle gun, but it wouldn't budge it. Looks like it had thread locker on it.

                  Now how do I get the pulley off? Looks like I might have to buy a pulley puller. Anybody got any tips for removing it without one, or is it not possible?


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                    I've been lucky with all my Z crank pullies.
                    I put a block of wood against the pulley and tap it then do it again in a few other spots. After that I just pull on and wiggle the pulley a bit till it pops off.


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                      Cool thanks. I'll go give that a try.


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                        Got it.

                        It didn't want to budge with the hammer and wood, so I put a L series alternator bracket across the front of it put 2 of the little bolts in (used longer bolts, the standare ones were too small), so that there was some pressure on the crank bolt (i taped a washer between the bolt head and the bracket for clearance), and used a hammer and a block of wood to get it loose.

                        Then it wiggled it off.


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                          Let us know if you need to remove the crankshaft sprocket. Now thats where the fun is at!

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                          Originally posted by Tempestas
                          Well, one of the t-tops wasn't latched real well... God only knows where that t-top flew off to at 150+ mph. Didn't scratch the car or anything, just a boom and it was gone. I sure as hell didn't stop to see where it went. I didn't see any stories on the news... so that's a plus.


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                            Screw that sprocket +1(

                            I want 20 hours of my life back!!




                            85 NA2T 9:1 Compression, CM 3" exhaust, Complete Interior Restoration
                            94 Maxima
                            ...VG30 FTW!!