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Running hot when driving!

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  • Running hot when driving!

    Recently got my Z running and I'm using 16" puller fan, 10" pusher fan on a stock radiator. The car runs hot when driving hard(boosting) and when cruzing around 65-75mph, but it cools down when I'm at idle. What could cause this? I'm thinging of replacing my stock radiator and buying a new stock replacement. Any help would be very helpfull

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    Have you flushed the radiator in a while? Start with the easy stuff first before you start replacing radiators and such.
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      Also check your timing, could be causing it to run hot under boost.


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        You have a fan in front and back...

        Do you think those could be potentially blocking air at freeway speeds?

        Or it also runs hot when at low speeds when boosting too?

        Neil86t is right, start with easy stuff

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...