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blown turbo?

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  • blown turbo?

    I think i blew my turbo guys shit,well i was drivin home from work with my mbc set at 9 and i stop at a light.lights green i go and im drivin normally not even on the throttle and when i hit 3rd it was at 9.

    I suddenly felt a slight jerk then noticed my car was movin alot slower and i looked at my boost gauge to see that it wasn't boosting.Its weird because my engine starts up fine and drives,its just hella slow and doesn't boost so obviously my engine didn't blow right?

    It almost feels like it could have blown a coupler or somethin off and i have a huge leak now,but it was dark and i couldn't see anything so i haven't checked it yet :evil:
    87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon

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    that sucks dude.
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      hahahaha damn all that happened was the ic pipe comin out the drivers side wheel well blew off at full boost,i need some fuckin t-bolts already i hate worm gears
      87 2by2 na2turbo,AE shell comin soon