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Engine Gasket - a few questions, opinions

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  • Engine Gasket - a few questions, opinions

    Topic 1: Anyone have experience with Black Dragon Auto's Engine Gasket sets and or Head Gasket Sets? I called and asked what brand they are selling and they told me "I have no idea". I dont want crappy quality but their prices are actually very good.

    Engine Gasket set 84-86 $129
    Head Gasket Set 84-86 $99

    Strangely their turbo Engine Gasket set is $200.
    Anyways, I will by OEM if they are crap.

    Topic 2: I found an engine gasket set and the brand is called "Ishino". They claim that Ishino is Nissan OEM for the 300ZX. Quite a few autoparts websites have claimed the same.
    Can anyone verify this? Is it true?

    I dont want to buy the victor reinz gaskets yet. I'm saving that for my 88T motor. Right now I'm just buying this to keep my 86NA motor going for another year, so I dont need MLS right now.
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    If you don't know, stay away. I only use nissan gaskets and seals. Support site sponsors, too. :wink:
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