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Fuel in oil/ running rich

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  • Fuel in oil/ running rich

    Okay to start off i took my 88 NA 5spd z out of storage on the weekend and fired it up and it was running like crap, the exhaust smelt like gasoline and idled at 2000 rpm. I ran the codes on the ecu and fixed the idle switch. Now it ran better but still idled high so i pulled off the idle up connector and adjusted the idle down from 1200 to 700 rpm. It still was running rich so i seafoamed to see if that would make a difference and when i changed the oil i noticed the old oil wasn't thick at all, it was like water and wreaked like gasoline. :shock:
    So i'm wondering what could possibly cause this?
    Could it be the timing is off?
    Really bad compression in one or more cylinders? Head gasket?
    The engine begging me to get a turbo to burn the extra fuel ?

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    Run the codes, do a compression test, change the oil and filter and take it from there. It's running rich for a reason....bad MAF,O2 sensor...etc.
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      Hmm, I will start with checking the plugs. As far as your thin oil, sorry can't help you. ops:
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