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    i have a 1987 2 seater z31. i'm doing a complete resto on it. it Originally came N/A. I have been doing my research and i what know what i would like to do, but heres the problem. i kno turbo is the way to go for true performance and that takes $. i dont have very deep pockets if you kno what i mean(but who does these days). so should i just bite the bullet and go turbo and get back on the road about 4-6 months from now or just rebuild my N/A motor and get back on the road in just a few weeks? well just rply if you have any comments good or bad i just need the advice.
    Originally posted by Racinjitter
    :lol: Those of us who say A/C FTW all have a g/f or wife. ac+women=more quiet=possibility of sex. -
    ac+women=SUPER BITCHING=no sex.

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    honestly the na is still a fast car.... and more speed won't change the comfort or amenities...

    consider fuel prices, and if you're new to the turbo world, the car will be thirsty since you'll be having fun.... also budget for any speeding tickets while you "test" the turbo


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      lol, my ex-g/f used to make fun of me for having a 'ticket budget'.

      But I have a clean record ;D It's all about knowing to ask the judge to do that... and having a clean record in the first place usually sways them. ;D
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