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  • Oil Cooler!

    i have an 84 automatic turbo motor and it has the oil cooler lines comming off the oil filter!
    im wondering has anyone attempted to add stainless steel lines to this!
    i don't really know where to begin or how to find out what size bolts would work!

    can anyone point me in the right direction!


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    any hydraulics shop could handle it.... assuming they stock the braided aeroquip or whatever hoses


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      G-E wrote: any hydraulics shop could handle it.... assuming they stock the braided aeroquip or whatever hoses
      I thought I remembered Dan-TSS doing this...not sure if it was him though.
      Check out his site and support the Z31 community at the same time.
      He might have what you need.
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        Dan makes a sweet oil cooler kit.


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          I forget who it was, but these were posted by someone on


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            Hey, those pics look very familiar

            There are a couple places in the Tampa Bay area that can fabricate up SS hoses for the oil cooler lines. Amazon Hose, and Goodyear to name a few. I'm sure EllisAutoworkZ could have a nice set made up at Amazon Hose for ya, since that place is just across the street from them.

            Another option is to buy a good length of SS hose and some clamps. Cut the old hose and hats off the steel lines. Slide the new hose over it and then clamp it down. I have had my lines in the fender area secured like this for a year now with no sign of leaks.
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              raidon84300zx wrote: Hey, those pics look very familiar
              Thanks for those. I always try to keep pictures I find interesting in some way, but usually forget who posted them.


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                Yea Dan has an amazing oil cooler setup on 88T, I dont know if hes got it ready for sale yet. Send him an email though.
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                  oil well i bit the bullet ant bought a nice Unit!

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