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  • engine problems

    ok this is what my car is doing.

    at first it starts and runs Fine.

    but give it maybe 2-5 mins and the rpms cut down to

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    Checked ECU codes? How do you know your maf is fine?


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      300zxt wrote: Checked ECU codes? How do you know your maf is fine?

      tested it with the guy down the streets 300zx,
      worked fine on his car.

      but yeah. i tryed checking the ecu codes
      following this.
      but when i put it in self check it just starts blinking BOTH the red and green light at the same time, it blinked the red and green at the same time,
      so i figured every time red and green blink its a 10`s number and when green blinked alone it was a 1`s number so i got 2 codes out of it.

      21 and 43

      but as im typing this i just noticed something.
      when i printed out that page this line printed like this

      2.Fuel Injector
      2.Defective injector

      but the site shows it like this

      1.Throttle Position Sensor
      2.Fuel Injector
      1.Throttle position sensor
      or circuit 2.Defective injector

      so im bout to call the parts store and see how much money i need to dish out...

      any other ideas welcome.[/code]