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Thumping and Bumping like you wouldn't believe

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  • Thumping and Bumping like you wouldn't believe

    I am not totally sure where to post this, but it is an interior item and it does make I thought this would do.

    The rear hatch on my 87 NA is banging every time I hit a decent sized pothole (we have quite a few here in michigan). I know for sure that it is the hatch, not the glass or the trim but the hatch frame itself. Is there a way to adjust the latch for a tighter fit, or get it to quiet down a bit? It is really becoming a loud and obnoxious problem. Please help!

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    how is your rubber around the hatch?

    or you can take off the back interior trim panel and move your latch catch down a little to tighten it up. mine was doing the same thing. so i moved the latch down a little and it stopped the banging.


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      Are you positive it is the hatch?

      I don't know quite what urs sounds like but i get bumping and screeching from my drivers shock hat.

      Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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        I think there are some adjustable bumpers for the hatch as well, and adjusting the lkatch might also do the could bring it down to Firestone and I might be able to look at it in some spare time if I'm not busy.

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          Thanks for the offer
          I am sure it is the hatch, so i will try adjusting the latching mechanism. If this doesnt solve it i will bring the car down to Firestone and let Taris take a look.
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            I adjusted the latch and the loud banging went away. Thanks for the idea!

            This is such a great forum....
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