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PROBLEM.. please confirm my fears

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  • PROBLEM.. please confirm my fears

    pull off the intake pipe. then reach inside the turbo and check shaft play. up and down and forward/back. if it has much play it is shot. also the turbine wheel could have broken off. no easy way to check it though.

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    If it's a rattle noise at high rpms it isn't going to be your turbo.. they spin at 100k+ rpm's, it's going to be a constant sound if it's the turbo going out... it's probably something loose.
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      Did you do a compression ceck or anything else yet?


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        If it is pick up slow, maybe the turbo is frozen

        Terrible idea putting those wheels on...


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          when my buddies ko3 turbo went out on his audi every time it hit the housing it made what was very similar to a fast buzzing sound and the car lost a shit load of power when it happend every time it spooled.

          you may have a rod bearing that is going out. that sounds like a rattle. but it doesnt really sound like it comes from anywhere. then when it does go out eventually it sounds like knocking. but that wouldnt make it pick up truck slow
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